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A typical set of house plans includes a foundation or basement plan, a floor plan for each level, each exterior elevation , 4 sides or more depending on complexity and one or more building cross section. There may also be a roof plan of that is required for more complex houses.
The process is simple - our designer can meet with you and go over your ideas and any plans or sketches you may have for ideas.  Then we take these and incorporate your ideas into a design proposal drawing showing the plan and elevations and email it in a pdf format for you to review and make changes if needed. This sometimes takes a few revisions and reviews to get it the way you want. Then we will add all the necessary construction details and issue your set to you either in print form or as a pdf as agreed upon.
The process for renovations and additions is the same but might require one of us to do a site visit to measure and photograph existing conditions.

Plan Drawing Sample



Example of a fairly complex house plan.

Some local jurisdictions may require your project to have an engineer or architect stamp for certain types of projects. This is the reponsibilty of the homeowner or builder if required.

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